Your Legacy in Photographs

We take a plethora of pictures with our cameras, smartphones, tablets and more. We have software that tries to categorize our photos by face, name, or other critieria. Is it really useful? Can someone tell when, where, how the photo was taken? Most of us would probably answer a definitive no! That seems to be the first challenge...organize!!!

The Artist


How we compose our image in the live viewfinder has a direct bearing on the result we desire.


Where is the subject? Going out of the image or walking into the image. It does make a difference.


Using a four column grid will make your image stunning as well as making sense.


Try different angles to get the best and most interesting image in the live viewfinder.


Always consider placing something in the foreground. There are several techniques to frame your image.


Mechanical steadiness is the key to a sharp image that stands out in the crowd. Use a tripod or at a minimum, a mono pod.