Develop the Photographer's Eye

Our first challenge as photographers is to see what others do not see. For example, technical camera details are only a very small portion of taking eye catching images. We will look at each facet of taking a breath taking image before we even think about activating that shutter!

Seeing from every angle

Artistic Twist


Walk around!! Look and see what others do not see. The sun whisping thru the trees. A single leaf in the sun makes for a stunning macro image.


See thru your minds eye the message you want your image to project to others. The more creative you can be the higher the reward.


The very last phase in obtaining that high quality, unique, stunning image.............................snap the shutter!!!

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Smell the Roses!!

You have accomplished a great deal if you have followed this recipe for taking a stunning image. Most of the work is preparation not just focus and shoot!

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